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Our techology

Industrial communication is hard-wired into our DNA. We try to make it as easy as possible for our customers to use industrial communication technologies.


Ease of Use

Nobody likes to read manuals. That’s why we focus on self-explanatory user interfaces. Where possible, the tools for configuring and operating our products are designed as web interfaces – just like you know from your router at home. This enables access independent of the operating system or a local installation on the PC.

Our products come with the knowledge of network communication. Our interfaces are accessible via JSON, TCP, or other standard communication methods and do not require any special knowledge in industrial communication.

If the tasks should become more complex, we help with comprehensible instructions and video tutorials.

No-code/low-code approach

For our products, we implement a no-code or low-code approach as much as possible. This allows our customers to focus on their application and to integrate the data provided by our products easily and with low development costs. There is no need to learn complicated interfaces or network technology.

Your application runs in C#, Phyton or another programming language? No problem, because thanks to the communication via JSON, TCP, or other standard communication methods, the user has the free choice.

pine.X base System

The heart of our products is an embedded Linux system which is operated with industy standard 24 V supply voltage. This basic system in combination with hardware blocks e.g., for SPI, I2C, or HDMI allows us to develop specific applications with little or no hardware modification. Our system makes use of a 4-core, 64bit processor at 1,5GHz with up to 8GB RAM and 32GB on-board-flash – sufficient for almost all applications.

For applications with real-time requirements, the pine.X system can be extended with Preempt RT.

With the pine.X system, Pinetek Networks is able to use a versatile module for product development and customer projects.