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Quality is a top priority for us and our customers. Our products are used in 24/7 applications and are characterized by very high availability. We rely on a structured development process according to the V-model to ensure the quality of our software and hardware.

Reach and RoHS

Our products are generally Reach and RoHS compliant. This means that they meet the requirements of the European Union’s Reach Regulation, which ensures the protection of human health and the environment from the risks of chemical substances. In addition, they also comply with the RoHS Directive, which restricts the use of certain hazardous substances in electrical and electronic equipment. We put great importance on compliance with these regulations to ensure that our products are safe and environmentally friendly.

The REACH and RoHS declarations are available for download here:

Product life cycle

We are committed to avoiding packaging waste when delivering our products. Our packaging consists of recycled and recyclable materials where possible.

All products supplied directly by Pinetek Networks that are intended for use by the end customer comply with the WEEE Directive and are marked accordingly (except for products that are distributed via special distributors where the distributor ensures WEEE compliance).


Sustainability is of key importance to Pinetek Networks. We are aware of the global challenges and are actively engaged in promoting environmentally friendly practices.

Our products make a significant contribution to sustainability: by using our solutions for smartification, the efficiency of new and existing customer applications can be increased. As a result, plants can be operated longer and with lower resource consumption.

We strive to minimize the environmental impact of our business activities. To achieve this, we have implemented the following measures:

  • Minimizing the impact of business travel
    Where possible, we rely on business travel by public transport. For unavoidable air travel, we offset CO2 emissions with the provider Atmosfair (provider’s website here).
  • Climate neutral shipment
    We ship our products with DHL GoGreen (Information about GoGreen here).
  • Use of digital technologies
    To avoid travel, we rely on digital technologies, such as online conferencing tools.
  • Use of sustainable energy
    As far as possible, we use data centers that operate with renewable energy. For our business facilities, we use electricity from renewable energy sources.

Furthermore, we are aware of our social responsibility by promoting fair working conditions and engaging with local communities. Our sustainability efforts are an integral part of our corporate values, and we are continuously working to further improve our processes and products to have a positive impact on the environment and society.