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Rise above all indicators

Simple yet effective IO-Link makes it easy to transfer sensors and actuator readings to your computer without the internet. Programming knowledge is NOT required.  Quickly and clearly. Try it!
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Easy receive, collect, analyze, deliver all data from your sensors

Receive and analyze dangerous critical alerts directly through our IOL
Store, transform and more your data. Directly in our IOL
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Important data for your important case goes delivery directly in our IOL
Analyze the data and understand what can be improved
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Temperature, vibration, pressure and more directly in PineTek IOL
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Watch and control what happens. Take manage of the process with our IOL
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Our IOL helps you correct critical important data and much more
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And can more! Know how works our IOL:

What is our IO-Link? Briefly about our


Meet our IO-link

Discover how easy it works

Easy install. Just connect power and Ethernet
Have 4 standard ports for common sensors
Quickly configure your sensors
Processing data
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*it's only one of the very simple example
(port 1)
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(port 1)
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(port 1)
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(port 1)
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Know more, ask your question, place pre-order and other
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How to use. Examples?

Your 99% advantages

*We want to be honest with you. The end result -  is up to you. Take action. We are with you!

The Pinetek Networks offering:
IIoT connectivity solutions

Pinetek Networks' core competence will be to provide connectivity solutions (physical devices and  software solutions) on the edge between IT and OT, enabling IT devices to integrate with the field level. Target applications  are in the field of Industry 4.0 and adjacent areas.

The business will be a B2B business only.

Market focus will be Europe/Germany and small- to mid-sized customers.


A product example is the IOLeasy, a device allowing PC-based IT systems to connect over standard interfaces like Ethernet and JSON/REST with a variety of OT devices like sensors from different vendors based on the industry standard  IEC 61131-9.

A demonstrator of the IOLeasy is currently in development.

The Internet of Things (IoT) describes technologies that allow the communication between physical and virtual objects through information- and communication technology. 

The Industrial Internet if Things (IIot) is one aspect of the IoT, focusing on on applications in connected industrial applications. This allows the implementation of Industry 4.0 with digital factories, enabling smart and energy-efficient solutions.


Industrial comunication - an industry in transformation

Traditional industrial communication is organized within the automation pyramid that consist of several levels. In the IT levels on the top, management systems like ERP and SCADA systems plan production processes or evaluate and integrate data. These systems are PC-based IT systems. The OT levels consist of specialized devices that are able to talk to the sensors and actuators on the shop floor in the production tools. 

Future IIoT and Industry 4.0 communication will have a mesh structure, where the automation pyramid Levels 2-5 are merged in one layer with common communication mechanisms, using both wired media like Ethernet and wireless media, like 5G communication. The devices in this mesh will be less specialized and more unified in terms of communication mechanisms. However, the integration of the Level 1 sensors still is required, as those nodes have special requirements, like ruggedized cabling or increased immunity to electromagnetic interference.

The Industrial Internet Of Things 

Start: IIoT

For Investors: The IIoT Market

A growing industry

The market for IIoT products, systems and solutions was continuously growing in the past years and is expected to grow in the next years by 8-18%  per year (CAGR, Compound Annual Growth Rate), depending on the data source.

Diverse customer field

Customers are not concentrated on one industry, making the market robust against fluctuations in single segments.


Globally distributed markets

The IIoT market does not focus on one single region, but is present in all over the globe.


Diverse competitive environment 

The IIoT market is not dominated by single players. There are multiple smaller and bigger companies, often focussing on specialized products, like data analytics solutions within cloud systems or robot applications. 

Further recommended reading:

Start: Industry & Market
Image by Nastuh Abootalebi

Pinetek Networks Team

Pinetek Networks is currently in the pre-seed phase of the startup founding process, which means we are forming the team and the products. Taking this process further and founding a great startup requires great people - We are still missing some key roles, please contact Pinetek Networks if you are interested in joining this exiting journey.


Co-Founder and Head of Product Marketing and Sales (w/m/d)

knows how do the marketing (online/offline) and sales for our start-up. Conducts market analyses and defines future products according to market needs. Can also be a part time activity during the first time


Co-Founder and Head of Finance (w/m/d)

knows how run start-up finances including the investor relations and knows how to finance the first years of operation. Is able to run the purchasing activities and manages the controlling of our start-up. Can also be a part-time activitiy during the first time.



Andreas Lau has degrees in electrical engineering and innovation and scienece management. He has  over 15 years of experience in product development for hardware and software as project manager and group leader. 

If you are interested in joining the Pinetek Networks team and want to have more information (be assured, there is!), please use the contact form below or write an email to:


You want to learn more about Pinetek Networks and the opportunities.

Contact us!

Thanks for contacting Pinetek Networks!

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