User interface and device ports


Device LEDs

The has two LED indicators for the device status

  • Power LED:
    • OFF: No power supply, power supply out of specified range, internal power supply malfunction
    • Green: Power supply good
  • System LED:
    • Off: System not running
    • Blinking green: System starting (e.g. after initial power on, or reset of device)
    • Solid green: System running
    • Red: Restart of system ongoing
    • Blinking Red/Green: Software update

Device Ports

The has four ports that can connect to IO-Link compatible (SDCI) devices. The connection is established via a 4-pin M12 (female) connector with the follwing pin assignments (as per connector on the


1L+24 Volt power supply to device (will be switched by The can deliver max. 0,5A per port on this pin. The pin is overload protected.
2I/QDigital Input/Output – not supported by
3L-Device GND
Please note that the GND potential at the 24V input connector and the GND potential at the port connectors differ due to internal filters.
4C/QCommunication signal (SIO- Standard Input/Output). The can deliver max. 150mA per port on this pin. The pin is overload protected.

The supports communication speeds COM1 and COM2. The speed is auto-detected.COM3 speed is not supported.

Device Port Indicators

Each port has one LED indicator located at the port.

  • Off: Port power not enabled
  • Green: Port power enabled, communication to connected device ok
  • Blinking Red/Green: Port power enabled, no device detected at port
  • Blinking Green: Port enabled, device detected but device configuration faulty (e.g., wrong IODD file loaded)