0.1 Principle of operation

pine.box is a smart gateway for IO-Link® sensors and devices. It can process the acquired data directly on the device with the integrated Node-RED® with Node-RED flows and JavaScript . The pine.box forwards the pre-processed data to

  • Databases (e.g., MySQL, AWS S3, InfluxDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, MS SQL),
  • Messages (e.g., email, Signal message, SMS, WhatsApp),
  • Dashboads (as integrated Node-RED dashboards),
  • Communication (e.g., MQTT, HTTP, Websocket, TCP, UDP, Modbus TCP, OPC/UA).

A SQLite database including a web interface is pre-installed on the device.

Alternatively the pine.box works as a sensor and actuator interface and provides the data via the Ethernet interface using JSON.

The pine.box is versatile tool for the fast and easy creation of various appications, like Smart Metering (using IO-Link current sensors), machine commisioning (using e.g., distance sensors), machine smartification for parameters like up-time or output rate.

IO-Link is a registered trademark of PROFIBUS Nutzerorganisation e.V.: io-link.com, profibus.com
The IOL HAT is compatible with IO-Link devices.