SW3.3 – CMD_PD

This command exchanges the process data with the connected device. Process data is not validated in length or content.


Octet #Usage
0Command ID = 0x03
1Port ID 0x00 or 0x01
2Length Out
3Length In
4..Data Out

The Length Out field command is length for the output process data. The structure and length of the output data can be found in the SDCI device’s documentation. The Length In field needs to be set according to the device’s documentation. If the length fields are not correctly set, this may lead to invalid data or loss of communication.

Return Success:

Octet #Usage
0Command ID = 0x03
1Port ID 0x01 or 0x02
2Length Out (as given in the command)
3Length In (as given in the command)
4..Data In