SW2 – Master Application

To operate the IOL HAT on a Raspberry Pi, the master application binary from the IOL HAT repository is used:

The suitable master application file for the used Linux distribution (32bit/64bit) shall be used. The Linux version can be determined with

uname -a

If the Linux distribution is not available as binary, please refer to the building instructrions on the GitHub page to compile a matching version: https://github.com/Pinetek-Networks/iol-hat/tree/main/src-master-application

The settings how to operate the application are described on the GitHub page.

SPI communication needs to be enabled on the host. For Raspberry Pi, this can be set using the raspi config tool:

sudo raspi-config 

Upload the master application to the Raspberry Pi and run it. The master application will open a TCP server on the following ports:

  • SDCI 1+2: Port 14001
  • SDCI 3+4: Port 14002

The client can connect to those ports and communicate through the binary prototcol as described below.