SW1 – Introduction

This section describes the methods and procedures that are used in connection with the open source software for the IOL HAT (“master application”) which is available in the Github repository: https://github.com/Pinetek-Networks/iol-hat

The software is based on the I-Link stack by RT-Labs. Please note that the software has been proven to work in different applications, however, it comes without guarantees of specific functions or functionality.

Information on how to obtain the software and how to build it for specific targets can be found in the GitHub. The following sections describe the application of the software on the Raspberry Pi or other Single Board Computers.

Theory of operation

The master application handles the raw communication to the MAX14819 transceiver on the IOL-HAT over SPI and provides the stack routines to operate the IO-Link communication. The master application offers a TCP socket interface to the user application for easy integration. The master application and user application need to be run independantly.