1.2 Product description

The IOL HAT enables the exchange of data with smart SDCI sensors and actuators (IEC 61131-9, brand name IO-Link®). The IOL HAT works as a plug-in module for Raspberry Pi®[1] using a 40-pin GPIO connector or via a generic interface with other single-board computers. Two SDCI interfaces are available per IOL HAT, up to two IOL HATs can be connected to the Raspberry Pi via stack-through connectors.

The internal interface is implemented as a TCP socket interface so that integration is independent of the programming language of the user application. The software for the master functionality and the TCP interface (master application) are available as binary and source code.

With the IOL HAT, it is possible to integrate over 20,000 different types of IO-Link devices into Raspberry Pi applications.

The IOL HAT is available in two version:

  • PT-1201 with Raspberry Pi specific 40-pin connector
  • PT-1202 with a generic host connector

[1] Raspberry Pi is a trademark of Raspberry Pi Ltd: raspberrypi.com ↩︎