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Pinetek Networks development services

In addition to our standard solutions, we also offer customer-specific development services in the field of Industrial IoT and industrial communication. Our portfolio ranges from conception and specification, hardware and software development, validation and verification to series production.

Our focus

We specialize on development of communication functions and low-voltage application interfaces (max. voltage 48V). Typical customer specific products include a communication interface, a processing unit (single board computer with Linux or microcontroller), and an application interface (e.g. I/Os towards the customer modules).

Contact us

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Your benefits

We are the specialists when it comes to industrial communication. Together in partnership with you, we bring projects to a successful completion.

pine.X base Technology

With the pine.X module and the related Linux and application software, we lay the foundation for fast and flexible development of hardware and software. Development does not start from scratch but rather builds on a well-proven foundation. This yields a time and development cost advantage, especially for small and medium quantities.

Industrial communication specialists

We rely on a team of experienced developers and partners. Development is carried out exclusively in Europe. Our experts know and understand the common industrial protocols, e.g. EtherNet/IP®, EtherCAT® or Profinet®1. Communication with peripherals via CAN, I2C or SPI is for us a standard feature.

Everything from one source

Pinetek Networks not only takes care of the development of the network connection, but also implements your application in the product. After the development we support your product in its life cycle. This includes forecasts, component management and procurement.

Professional project management

We execute the projects in close coordination with our customers. Reporting is always tailored to your requirements, giving you transparency on the status of your product development. In case of changes we use a transparent change management.

Product qualification

Products developed by our team and manufactured by Pinetek Networks are tested for CE marking.

Network-specific conformance testing

Our specialists test your product according to the conformance test specifications of the corresponding user organizations. We also handle the declaration of conformity.

Our process explained


You contact us and explain your development idea.

Budget quote

If we have any further questions, we will contact you. Within a few days you will receive a budget offer based on the known parameters and assumptions.

Requirements definition

Next, we create a requirements specification, which becomes the basis of our development and series production quote.

Ordering and implementation

After receiving the order, we carry out the development. During the development project, we report regularly on progress and clarify open issues. Changes are introduced into the project via our change management.

Acceptance and series delivery

Acceptance of the development result is based on the criteria defined in the specification. Afterwards, the agreed delivery quantities of the series delivery can be ordered.

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