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Next generation industrial communication 

Purpose & Vision

 Pinetek Networks will provide industrial communication devices and adjacent services that enable our customers to communicate between PC applications (Information Technology - IT) factory floor sensors and actuators (Operational Technology - OT) in an easy and efficient way. The customer benefit for the first applications is achieved by using a no-code approach through REST/JSON that integrate OT devices like sensors in PC-based IT applications with minimal OT knowledge. 

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The Pinetek Networks offering:
IIoT connectivity solutions

Pinetek Networks' core competence will be to provide connectivity solutions (physical devices and  software solutions) on the edge between IT and OT, enabling IT devices to integrate with the field level. Target applications  are in the field of Industry 4.0 and adjacent areas.

The business will be a B2B business only.

Market focus will be Europe/Germany and small- to mid-sized customers.

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