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Smartification Made Easy

Pinetek Networks is your partner for data acquisition and further processing of industrial data in plants and machines – we enable Industrial IoT solutions. Our philosophy is to make the use of our technology as easy as possible – for example by graphical programming and the use of standard interfaces, which require minimal set-up time.

Our Offering for Industrial IoT


Industrial data for the Raspberry Pi

With the IOL HAT, you can create Industrial IoT solutions based on Raspberry Pi. The IOL HAT enables the connection of smart sensors and devices (IEC 61131-9, brand name IO-Link®) to the Raspberry Pi or other single-board computers.

Integration is extremely simple: the specific 40-pin connector for Raspberry Pi is already available. A binary is provided for the Raspberry Pi that handles communication with the smart devices. You can communicate with the connected devices from the application of your choice via a socket interface.


Our smart gateway for collecting, processing and forwarding data

Our pinebox makes it easy to create smart applications for monitoring, reporting or process control.

Thanks to the web interface and the Node-RED environment, parameterization and programming can be carried out in no time at all, even without prior knowledge. This means that new and existing systems can be equipped with smart functions that generate added value with minimum effort.

Customer-specific Products

Customized Industrial IoT solutions based on the Pinetek technology

With our customized development of hardware and software, we enable your product for industrial communication and added value.

You benefit from the pre-developed Pinetek core technology that enables for fast and cost-efficient development. Pinetek Networks is your partner from product specification until series delivery.

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